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Visual studio 2010 new shortcuts

Visual studio 2010 is coming with very useful and fantastic shortcuts in the editor and Code behind editor.

So kindly find the new quick shortcuts in the new Visual Studio .Net 2010.

1-    Zooming(Ctrl+mouse wheel)
it gives you the ability to zoom in/out you code behind

2-    Highlight References(Ctrl+Shift)
it gives you ability to highlight all references for some keywords and you can move between your references using the up/down arrows

3-    Generating classes and methods (Ctrl+.)
If you need to create new class you can write the class with your preferred keyword then creates an instance then press the short cut keys to generate the class also you can use the same short cut keys if you want to write any method not found.

4-    Quick Search(Ctrl+,)
you can search for some method by this nice quick search tool it list all methods you wrote in the search screen found in your solutions

5-    Call snippets (Tab)
you can call any exist snippets by writing the Snippets name then Tab key.


Hope this help…


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