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WCF and WFF vs. BizTalk

Someone might look at Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and ask why we are still using BizTalk Server.
Aren’t these exciting technologies replace BizTalk functionality obsolete? Yes today, WF and WCF are foundational platform technologies on which future Microsoft applications will be built upon.
They are both excellent at servicing particular problem areas around unified communication and workflow.
BizTalk is a framework for integration and business process automation that sits on top of the .NET Framework – and it will sit on top of WCF and WF later this year. BizTalk is used to build composite, loosely coupled applications on top of the services that WCF exposes. It provides things such as state management, compensation, access to various legacy protocols and applications and an administration model for operationalizing the applications. BizTalk is a broker that sits between various systems in order to abstract them from one another; it decouples them and eliminates point to point interfaces.
Similarly, while you can build a portal solution using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and ASP.NET technologies, is it replacing Microsoft SharePoint Server??!! I can build my own messaging solution using WCF and WF, but trying to design, build, and test such a solution takes me away from my primary goal of helping my organization solve business problems.

I Hope this help.


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