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Using NinTex Workflow with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007

All developer spent more times for developing Workflow with SharePoint and end users can’t update or build them business. Now using NinTex Workflow 2007 you can build advanced Workflow in few minutes.
In this post I would like to introduce NinTex for you and how to install, configure, build new one, manage and use Tools for NinTex.
Using NinTex you have the following benefits

1- Easy way to use NinTex Workflow and build complete workflow in few minute

2- Huge integration features like Query SQL, XML, Excel services and SharePoint Lists and calling web services.

3- Extend MOSS with advanced workflow capabilities all within a web-based GUI embedded within SharePoint


For installing NinTex Workflow 2007 just follow this Installation Guide
If you are lazy and don’t like to read it just do this steps Run the Installer, Deploy NinTex Workflow solution for all web application, Import license, configure database and Email and Activate NinTex Workflow in Office Administration site , you web application, site collection and you Site.

Configure or update NinTex Configuration
To configure you NinTex Workflow go to Site Action->site settings then you will see NinTex Workflow section as shown
you can click the option you would like to configure it.

Creating Workflow
there are two ways to create a workflow. First, navigate to a library or list then click the “Settings” button. Then do one of the following steps

1- Select the “Create Workflow” option. The Workflow Designer page will load with the Workflow Template picker at the front.

2- Select the “Manage Workflows” option. The Workflow Gallery page will load. You can then select “Create” from near the top of the page.

Creating Variables
Using NinTex Workflow 2007 you can define new variable and use it into your Workflow. To define variables you need to open work flow variable screen as shown
from this screen just click Create new button to define new variable.

Workflow Actions Groups
NinTex Workflow 2007 has a lot of tools and actions shapes I will give you screen shot for each one and simple description for each one let’s start.

These Actions group contains all common actions that most users need and usually using it.
Set a Condition: used to set conditions in work flow
Request approval: used for asking some user to approve some actions
Send a notification: used for sending notification after approving or denying any request approval action.


These Action group contain all actions shapes for integrate NinTex Workflow with other tools like SQL, Excel, Web Services, XML, MOSS Search Query, BizTalk.
So it gives you full functionality to integrate your workflow with a lot of tools.

These Actions group used for using SharePoint lists and library and allow you to control some process in your NinTex Work Flow.


Logic and flow Actions Group used for doing logical operation like for each, loop, run if statement, run parallel actions, set some conditions, do state machine and change state machine state using action set shape.

Operation Actions group used for doing Workflow operation like build sting, calculate date, set or get collection operation, set variable, delay workflow for specific period of time, end workflow, doing math operation, run custom regular expression.


The publishing actions group contains only one action shape as shown which responsible for copying or publishing your NinTex Workflow into you share point.

The SharePoint Profile Actions doing some operation into you SharePoint server.

Sites and workspaces actions used for create or delete specific site into SharePoint.


User Interaction actions related to use operations like complete task, delegate task, requesting data, sends notifications and task reminders.

All NinTex Workflow actions are simple to configure just I was trying to give you quick and easy introduction if you need any help for any action shape don’t hesitate to send me mail or write comment here.

Hope this helped.


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  1. please help me how to upadate xml using nintex using webservices

    Comment by sravankumar | May 18, 2011 | Reply

    • please help me how to update XML In Nitex Using Webservices

      Comment by sravankumar | May 18, 2011 | Reply

  2. We really liked your post. There is a video on how to install Nintex workflow for SharePoint 2010 at for you to view too. it has some helpful tutorials.

    Comment by Craig MacKinder | May 24, 2011 | Reply

  3. Thank you for this nice comment and these videos

    Comment by mohammedatef83 | May 25, 2011 | Reply

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