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IIS 7.0 Web Deployment Tools

Today i am going to talk about IIS 7.0 new feature in deployment and packaging.First you must know that all the new extension for IIS 7.0 are found in Microsoft Web Platform Installer you can download it from here, this is a free tool that makes it simple to download, install and keep up-to-date with the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform, including Internet Information Services (IIS), SQL Server Express, .NET Framework and Visual Web Developer.

so to do our new features of deployment please download and install it.

Now let’s take a look for the new deployment feature found in IIS 7.0

1- Synchronize web application

I think all of you was trying to move his web application from QC or Dev environment to production server and was a lot of time for build the new package and deploy it, but now using IIS 7.0 you do this stuff in few seconds by one line of dos command.

just go to dos command window and write the below line
C:\program Files\IIs\Microsoft web deploy>msdeploy –verb:sync –source:apphostconfig=[webapplicationname] –dest:auto,computername=[destination server name]

assume the following
[webapplicationname] is the web application name that you are trying to move it from on server to another.
[destination server name] is the destination server name.

after writing this line of command press Enter Key then you can find the new web application found into your IIs destination server.

2- Package

IIS 7.0 has also nice feature for package you web site in easy and quick way you need to follow this steps only

Right click->Package and Install->Package Sites and Applications
after that just follow the wizard to finish this stuff.

3- Deploy

After creating the package you need to deploy it to another server…yeah IIS 7.0 also doing this step for you in the below few steps

Right click->Package and Install->install sites and applications

I think you are happy now you can do many tasks in few minute using IIS 7.0 .. Good Luck but for you information IIS 7.0 has more and more new feature try to learn it.

I Hope this Help.


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