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Copy multi value property items to another multi value property using FileNet search Bulk Query


here I am going to tell you trick in FileNet search bulk query when you are going to run script to the search bulk result by Filenet Enterprise Manager.


the issue is how to copy multi value property  items to another multi value property in same the document class using Filenet Enterprise Manager search bulk query.


1- open the Filenet Enterprise Manager and open collapsed object store you need to do that process upon

2- go to search result node and select new search as shown in picture below


3- select your document class and then determine it’s search criteria

4- select the script tab and check the execute script check box as shown in picture below


5- select the VB script type and write the following VB script in text below

   1: Public Sub OnCustomProcess (CEObject) 
   3: set"SourcePropertyName").value
   4: set"destPropertyName").value
   6: for i=1 to objsrc.count
   7: objdest.add objsrc(i)
   8: next
  10: CEObject.Save
  11: End Sub 

the code listed above is very simple,about lines number 3 and 4 i have just create objects of property that i will use, but please do not forget to replace the sourcepropertyname and destpropertyname with the accurate properties names you have.after that i have loop between items in the source property and add it to the destination property.

I Hope that help


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