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Tips and tricks for IBM Case Manager V5.1.1


After passing the initiation phase of developing and designing my first IBM case Manager project, i decided to share with you my experiences about this tools and give you some tips and trick about developing solutions using ICM.

Tips & Tricks

  • Of course first tips comes to my mind here is to take care of using the Case Manager Builder “Reset Test Environment” button , because once you click it, it will remove deployed solutions and other data from the development target environment.
  • Using Case Manager Builder, Make sure you have determined all step responses before starting design the tasks because you can not delete these responses if you have used for connecting to other steps, you will face some errors saying this response is used.
  • If you need to edit or delete any response exists in tasks, after you have finished designing the task, you have to do this from Process designer.
  • Make sure you have clicked ok button after each and every action for creating step or connectors.
  • Also, make sure you Clicked the validate and save buttons every action in designing tasks steps.
  • If you used DB execute in any system step for Stub Step using SQL Stored Procedure, make sure that all parameters are output.
  • If you needs to set conditions in responses for your steps, you have to do that from Process Designer.
  • Make sure you did not register two Widgets with same ID on the Business Space, because this will raise an error in the Case Manager Client and clear all custom and built in Widgets from edit pages.
  • If you have widget wired to another one and you needs delete this widget , you have to delete the wires then the Widget.
  • If you need to assign properties created by Case Manager Builder you have to assign the variables with the following expression F_CaseFolder.[Propertyname], for example if you have property called loanname you have to set it as follows F_CaseFolder.LoanName=”loan1”
  • If you have Custom Validation of Task Step Data visit, you visit this link
  • If you need to Add IBM forms or FileNet EForm, please visit the following link
  • When you have custom page and you need to assign it for specific task step, you have to register this page to the solution from IBM Case Client then you can assign this page latter from Builder.
  • Use this JS line of code, DEFAULT_XHR_PREVENT_CACHE: true , to Disable Widget cashing.
  • To Customizing the IBM Case Manager Client to hide or show existing banner content visit this link .
  • To Change Manage role to search by username instead of Display name follow these step(open FileNet Enterprise Manager Administration Tool, right click then select properties, select directory configuration tab, then modify the AD, go to Users tab and finally update user display name attribute to samAccountName) .


Actually this post not ended as i am still working in this project and i will update it as soon as i found something interesting to you, but can you share with me this activity and enrich this post with your comments about any new tips you noticed in working with ICM.


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