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Reset ICM Case Information Widget default selected tab


Here, I am going to share with you how to change the default selected tab in Case Information Widget throw the Case Search or Case Details pages.

SelectTab event

First, you have to understand events required to modify selected tab in the Case Information Widget, Which is a Handled events named “Select tab” and requires payload of type SelectTab.

For more information about the payload type you can visit this link

Reset selected tab in Case Search page

I will assume that we are going to set Documents as default selected tab in Case Information Widget, so please follow below steps to do that:

  1. Drag Script Adapter into hidden area
  2. Select Script Adapter, Edit Settings
  3. Add the following line of code before the return command
  4.  payload.selectTabName="Documents";  
  5. Click Ok and Apply to Script Adapter editing settings
  6. Now configure script adapter wires as shown below


Reset selected tab in Case details page

Actually there is now big difference between resetting selected tab in case Information between Case Search and Case Details pages, except the configuration of Script Adapter wires.

So, to achieve this, we will follow all steps shown above except step no 6 and we will configure the Script Adapter wire as shown below



in the above post i tried to tie all information found in different locations in IBM links or forums to give you a complete solution, hope that helped.


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