Mohammed Atef’s Technical blog


I can give an online and onsite training in the following fields:

  • BizTalk online and onsite training
  • TOGAF 9 foundation online and onsite training
  • Windows Azure online and onsite training
  • WCF & REST online and onsite training
  • SQL Azure online and onsite training
  • SQL 12 online and onsite Training


Personal Information

Name: Mohammed Atef Abo Elqasem
Nationality: Egyptian
Military Status: Finished
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 01-01-1983

Contact information

Skype: Mohammed.atef11
Mobile (Kuwait): +96555268877
Mobile (Egypt): +20107332656
Address: Salymia , block No 12 ,street 4,building no 4,9 floor, flat no 43, Kuwait


  1. Hi Atef,
    I have seen many of your article on Crm. My dilemma is I am new to Crm(on-premise)and my company has installed it and no one other than me knows it(me just stusying..) but sales top people are trying to study it..We are trying to update our company website and some data(such as the potential Cx details etc) when entered and when the Cx click submit button(in C# code) the data is gone to crm server and from there an e-mail is to be sent to whoever is concerned(such as each sales is assigned a task). My question is how can i do it is Crm.
    Can you Please suggest any ideas or any other blogs….
    Thanks in advance…

    Comment by Lalitha | June 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. You can call CRM web services. also you have to types of calling CRM service the first using JavaScript and second using C# or VB. kindly visit the following two link which help you for doing this staff

    Comment by mohammedatef83 | June 9, 2009 | Reply

  3. Hi Atef,
    About the Crm( we are using CRM for Professionals On-premise), Is it possible to send e-mail to top guys when the potential cx click the submit button in the company’s website(it is .aspx page where the cx has to fills all the info).
    1. After I get the crmdiscovery,etc what is the next step I need to do. I am writing the code in c#. How can I connect the c# program with crm workflow. Is there any website or can you provide some advice.

    Comment by Lalitha | July 9, 2009 | Reply

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