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Find SQL Server last service pack installed :  SELECT SERVERPROPERTY (‘productlevel’) as Level

Repeat Header / Keep Header Visible in Tables in RS 2008

How to return multiple values in one column (T-SQL)?

Connect to TFS2010 Server using VS 2008 Client

Microsoft Office 2010: Primary Interop Assemblies Redistributable

SQL Recursive Query

WITH EmployeeLst (ManagerID, EmployeeID, EmployeeName,  Level)
AS (
— Anchor member definition
SELECT e.ManagerID,e.EmployeeID, e.EmployeeName, 0 AS Level
FROM Employees AS e    WHERE e.ManagerID is null
— Recursive member definition
SELECT e.ManagerID,e.EmployeeID, e.EmployeeName,Level + 1
FROM Employees AS e
INNER JOIN EmployeeLst AS lst
ON e.ManagerID = lst.EmployeeID)
SELECT * FROM EmployeeLst


JavaScript Date time control


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