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Domain-Specific Language (DSL) Tools

Kindly I have wrote this post to give you quick brief about DSL tools and howit is related to Visual Studio.

DSL Tools

Domain-Specific Language Tools enable the construction of custom graphical designers and the generation of source code using domain-specific diagrammatic notations. So you can create a UML-like graphic designer in Visual Studio.
Using DSL Tools is quite straightforward, and you can create your own UML-like language relatively quickly.

Domain Specific Language Tools used to build a graphical designer integrated into Visual Studio for your own domain specific language. The Domain Specific Language Tools ship as a separate download for Visual Studio. The DSL Tools are an SDK that allows you to use Microsoft’s generic modeling platform to build visual modeling tools that run inside of Visual Studio. The SDK contains code generation tools that will generate a running designer based on an XML description.

First I want quickly introduce the DSL Tools. DSL Tools was merged with the Visual Studio SDK, but do not mix them up because DSL Tools is actually one layer above as it uses the Visual Studio SDK to allow you to create your plug-in. We could describe the relationships between the Visual Studio SDK, DSL Tools, and Visual Studio as three domains containing each other like this:

Domain-specific language Tools

Domain-specific language Tools

Hope this help…..

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